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  • Fierce Hugs
    Adorable organic baby clothes by my sister Hani Hong! Receive a 25% discount with promo code "IRONFISTS" at check out!
  • Free-Range Kids
    Here's to common sense parenting in uncommonly overprotective times!
  • Gever Tulley
    A Senior Computer Scientist, writer, and practicing sculptor who created the Tinkering School (a wonderful summer camp I want Lulu to attend someday).
  • Kumquat Baby
    Childrens clothing designer Angelyn de la Garza creates "soft, comfortable, modern clothing" for cool kids and design savvy parents. Receive a 20% discount with promo code "tinyironfists" at check out!
  • National Geographic Little Kids
    Lulu's first magazine subscription. It was once my childhood dream to work for NatGeo. I fulfilled that dream in 2008.
  • Sex and the Single Ape
    Creator of Tiny Iron Fist's logo/banner, Steven Nereo is your go to guy for hip beats and teen drama design!
  • Jane Goodall Institute
    The British anthropologist who inspired me as a child to graduate college with a degree in environmental science.
  • YummyFun!
    Our sweet friend Clare Crespo hosts the wildest cooking show ever! This kitchen can't have too many cooks, so come get some!